About Us


Boulder Free School aims to provide a community opportunity to share knowledge, whether it’s random, practical, fun, or some other adjective. We believe that knowledge should be free and accessible to all. Boulder Free School teachers embrace their knowledge and skills and enjoy sharing their passions with others. They understand that they are students too, and that their students also participate in the teaching process. We strive to provide a respectful, comfortable setting in which anyone can learn. We believe in equal rights to teaching and learning.

What is free school?

Free school is an opportunity to teach and learn together. All courses are free and open to the public. Teachers can be anyone with a desire to share knowledge or skills. Teachers may teach courses on their passions, something they studied in college or something they’ve always know how to do. They find a good setting in which to teach their class (or asked Boulder Free School for help doing so) and put the class on the calendar. Then they find students through social media, flyers or word of mouth. Students that think a class sounds interesting sign up and show up to the location at the time the class is scheduled for. Ta da! They are Free School students!


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