Classes are offered in locations chosen by the teachers/organizers of the class. They may be taught in any setting – parks and other public spaces, private homes, coffee shops, or even college campuses. Here are some places where classes are hosted, or suggested places to host your classes or discussions.

The Rad-ish Collective

The Rad-ish Collective is a personal home which maintains a safe space for queers, trans folks, POC, youth, women, elders and weirdos. The collective aims to create a community space for knowledge, skills, and fun sharing. If you are looking for a space to have a community talk, meeting, gathering, potluck, show, etc- let Rad-ish know; the door is always open. Rad-ish has hosted workshops such as bike mechanics and welding, speakers such as an Argentinian filmmaker and an Earth First! tree sitter. Rad-ish also hosts All Knowledge Must Be Shared the first Tuesday of every month, radical movie night the second Tuesday of every month, and an anti-oppression workshop the third Tuesday of every month.

The Beet Collective

The Beet Collective is also a personal home, which just opened in South Boulder in August 2013. The Beet hosts Spanish conversation night every Monday at 7:00 PM, and has also hosted many math or computer-related workshops, such as recreational math night, cryptography, and spreadsheets.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is another home in South Boulder since September 2013. There is a large open living room in the basement, connected to a second kitchen. The Lighthouse has hosted a knitting workshop, hip hop dance, and herb workshops.

Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Café

Innisfree hosted our monthly Pick an Herb class during the summer of 2013. Innisfree is a great resource for educators and allows reservations for its discussion table.

The Laughing Goat

The Laughing Goat is extremely involved in the community, hosting events every night. In June 2013 the Laughing Goat hosted Boulder Free School’s nonviolent communication class.

University of Colorado

The University of Colorado is a beautiful campus with classrooms and fields available for public use! Any member of a CU student group can book a free room or field for their meetings or events. If you are not a member of a student group but know of a group that will endorse your event, you can contact them for help. A list of student groups can be found here. Some outdoor workshops may require paperwork to ensure the fields remain unharmed. Contact UMC Scheduling for more information or visit http://umc.colorado.edu/events/scheduling for more information.


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